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Things you need to know before making your first appointment and a few housekeeping rules:

I understand that “doctor” means teacher and I feel that if I can effectively communicate to you what your results mean and what you can do to change your health then you will be empowered and motivated to make the appropriate changes to optimize your health and improve the quality of your life experience.

In order to be successful, this approach requires that you accept responsibility for your health. Unfortunately there is no magic pill, no quick fix or overnight cure. The best health insurance policy is self care. This approach requires time, dedication and team work.

It also requires an exchange of value. Our current conventional-medicine-insurance model does not do a good job of covering functional or nutritional medicine. Because the functional model uses more than just standard lab testing and doesn’t result in a prescription drug or surgery, it just doesn’t fit into the convention model’s paradigm. Because of the frustration and failure experienced with attempts to use insurance of the disease-care model, I do not use insurance in my practice.

In order to offer the highest quality care and get the best possible outcomes, I have chosen to provide long appointments and high quality integrative care. Consequently, longer appointments require a low overhead model. One way I do this is by having few support staff. My office does not have a front desk person to greet you when you arrive. There is a lounge area just outside my office door and I will greet you there when it is time for your appointment.

You have to be active in your functional healthcare.

You are expected to:
Schedule and follow through on recommended lab tests
Comply with your personalized strategy
Refill your nutritional therapies as needed
Provide payment at time of service
Cancel a scheduled appointment 48 hours prior, failure to do so will result in a $50 cancellation fee (emergencies excluded of course)

Computer access is necessary to participate in my practice. New patient paperwork is delivered electronically and email is the primary and preferred form of communication.

If you do not use a computer, I will make every effort to accommodate you by mailing appropriate materials.

For more information, please contact my office.