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Case Study

My case study from the book, Why Isn’t My Brain Working? by Datis Kharrazian

A 34-year-old male came into my office. He said he was losing his mind and couldn’t think or function anymore, to the point where he had to quit college. He said his life was falling apart socially and physically.

In the past he saw his doctor for symptoms of low testosterone, and his doctor gave him testosterone injections. As it turns out, he received way too much testosterone and had developed testosterone resistance. This creates all the same symptoms of a testosterone deficiency. I ordered a hormone panel, an adrenal panel, and a salivary hormone panel.

While we waited for his lab tests to come back, I got him started on nutritional compounds to address insulin resistance, which was an issue for him, adrenal adaptogens for poor adrenal function, vitamin D, and methyl B-12. When I got his testosterone panel back it showed his testosterone levels were off the charts, so we weaned him off testosterone and did nutritional therapy work to clear the excess testosterone from his system.

Because testosterone is so important for brain health and dopamine activity, and because his resistance to testosterone was depriving his brain of this vital hormone, I knew his brain needed help. I gave him nutritional compounds to quench brain inflammation and boost dopamine activity. I also gave him compounds to boost acetylcholine activity as he demonstrated so many acetylcholine deficiency symptoms. He felt a huge improvement right away.

When he had gone to see his doctor I have no doubt his testosterone was low. However, it was most likely low due to a blood sugar imbalance, which was an issue for him. By getting his blood sugar under control through diet and proper nutritional compounds, his hormones were able to normalize.

Now he is a totally different person and is back in school and feeling well. His mother even called me to thank me for giving her her son back.

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Joleene Anderson, DC, DCBCN
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