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My Mission

My passion is to provide patients with compassionate care that focuses on listening first. I have an understanding that you are bio-unique; no one shares your finger print or your retina pattern and we would not expect a one-size-fits-all mentality to be highly effective for your unique health challenges. My goal is to work with you and for you to maximize your natural healing power.

My Philosophy

Optimal health is your birthright

You have an innate intelligence that restores and maintains your health

When you identify and remove interference and support systems you can restore and experience optimal health and well being

Listening is key: I listen to you, you listen to your body

Rarely is our health challenge only related to a single nutrient or herb deficiency

Test not guess

When the physician understands physiology and the interrelationships between systems, vicious cycles of inflammation can be unwound

Skilled use of specialized labs and evidence-based nutrition are key to the process

Genetics, environment, lifestyle factors and total toxic load influence the expression of your health and vitality

You are whole and not a set of isolated symptoms

You are the focus, not the dis-ease

Living of life of balance is key to optimal health

Because this approach finds the root cause and hidden underlying factors that are affecting your unique physiology, I have helped many people improve function when we find and address patterns of less than optimal:

Thyroid function (Hypothyroidism and Autoimmune Reactivity)
Adrenal function (at what stage of dysfunction are you?)
Hormone balance (PCOS, infertility, cycling issues, menopause, low T)
Immune function (immune stressors, autoimmune, inflammation)
Gut function (food sensitivities, hidden infections, leaky gut)
Blood sugar (hypoglycemia, insulin resistance)
Red blood cell function (patterns of anemia)
Brain health (depression, cravings, cognitive function)